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Rachel has recorded and produced over ninety titles of audiobooks in genres such as fiction, romance, parenting, religion and self-help. She is a member of SAG-AFTRA and the APA.

Born and raised in Canada Rachel studied Fine Arts at York University in Toronto. She trained in Improv at the infamous Second City in Chicago, UCB, and studied acting in many schools in New York and Los Angeles. Rachel regularly attends the Masterclass series at Deyan studios in California where she has also taken P.J. Ochlan’s audiobook intensive.

Beginning her on-camera and voice over career as a VJ on Muchmusic in Canada, she has since hosted shows and interviewed celebrities worldwide during her time at VH1 and Extra!, has been known as ‘The Voice of VH1’, performed comedy in front of live studio audiences, acted in TV shows and commercials and worked in radio.


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Technical Stuff

I record with Pro-Tools ‘punch and roll’ recording in my home based studio in Los Angeles using a Neumann TLM-103 microphone with pop-filter, in a studio-room treated with ClearSonic SORBER Baffles. I can provide full production from narration to editing and mastering.

Where the magic happens

Where the magic happens


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I will do my absolute best to bring your book to life! I strive to understand the material and intimately connect with the listener to keep them engaged and always entertained.

About Me

why audiobooks?

I have always loved reading aloud. Ever since I can remember I would be the first one with their hand in the air when it was time to read in school. I love reading bedtime stories to my son. When I realized this was actually a job, I was like, “Where do I sign up?”

I began narrating audiobooks as a way to stay busy between acting auditions but it quickly became my passion. I love that I can be the hero, or the villain, or so many different kinds of characters and bring a story to life. I also love reading informational material in a way that makes it engaging.

what else do you do?

I’m an introvert so I’m not big on social events but I love spending time with family, coaching my son’s baseball, basketball & soccer games, walking my two yorkies Clark & Alfredo, going to the movies, binging on tv shows, gardening and cooking anything gluten-free! I’m a painter and artist and am very handy (I own all the tools in the family). I love fashion and I’m a sucker for pretty dresses and hats. I’m slowly learning to make my own gluten free pasta. I love organizing, aka Marie Kondo-ing my home, cleaning (call me crazy), and decorating. I love mid-century furniture and architecture! I love Harry Potter & Sherlock Holmes, Joseph Campbell, Malcolm Gladwell, Brené Brown, Romance Novels, TED talks, and True Crime podcasts.